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Learn how you can save a few dollars by converting your old wood-cutting bandsaw into a metal saw. – Car Craft Magazine. I just reread the OP. Mine is a wood-metal saw so it’s a little different. I can’t believe that more people don’t make the conversion. Maybe it is too difficult. I have a horizontal bandsaw for cutting steel stock to length. It is an amazing time saver and a great asset if you do a lot of metal fabrication.

wood metal bandsaw conversion 2As a furniture designer I work in a range of materials but primarily with wood and metal. I like to use a bandsaw for both of these materials but I only have a small woodcutting saw. I ended up setting it back up for wood and got a 3-phase band saw for metal. I put a VFD on it to convert to single phase. I lost the grinder on the blade welder in the process but everything else works. A wood to metal cutting Band saw Project. I am going to show you my Low buck method I used to convert an old Central Machinery 14 inch Wood Band saw.

I know i can’t with a wood saw blade, but what if i use a blade for steel? or do wood band saws run at too fast a rate? i really want to get a saw, and thought this would be and easier cheaper way. I save this pic from somewhere of a wood saw conversion. later jim. Homemade conversion of a Ridgid wood bandsaw into a metal-cutting saw. Belt-driven pulleys connected to the original motor slow the blade speed and increase torque to facilitate metal cutting. The pro to the pulleys is I could easily swap back to cut wood if I was so inclined. I converted a Craftsman band saw to cut metal. The way i did it was by changing the motor.

Bandsaw Speed Changer-reducer

I’ve seen posts here about converting the wood bandsaws to allow for metal ( usually a VFD implementation I think?). MSC is running a sale on the Vetrx saws. This conversion with high quality metal cutting blades will easily cut steel plate to 3/16 dry and larger if I use my mist cooler. I really wanted a metal cutting bandsaw for aluminum and mild steel. This conversion with high quality metal cutting blades will easily cut steel plate to 3/16 dry and larger if I use my mist cooler. Cuts wood like a champ, square and straight. It would be sweet to cut metal with this fancy bandsaw.only problem is the blade moves waaay too fast. Anyone convert a 14inch band saw for wood to metal. I have been using my small 12 in no horse power craftsman band saw to cut thin metal as the saw is disposable. We’ve taken all the best features from our vertical wood cutting bandsaws and added variable-speed blade control with two speed ranges to allow this Combination 17 Bandsaw to double up as a wood-cutting and metal-cutting bandsaw.

Can I Use A Wood Band Saw To Cut Metal?

Looking at chain saw mills, then custom band saw mills. I thought it may be possible to convert a hand held metal cutting band saw (actually larger.