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The Rogue Box pictured in this step is what I modified the above plans to match. I like the interlocking pieces and am familiar with them from my own crossfit work outs, I was also curious why they cost 150 to buy!. More by chrisgrames: CrossFit Style Plyo Box (ShopBot!) CrossFit style Plyo Box (Table Saw) Laser Engraved Wood Paperweight. Tags: box jump. So get down all of your measurements before you head to the store to buy your wood, especially if you’re going to have the Home Depot guy do your cutting. Note that the advantages of angled sides is that the boxes will be stackable for storage and will be able to support a greater load, although it will make the woodworking a little more difficult. Making plyo boxes of different heights will allow for changes in difficulty.

wood plyo box plans 2Building your own plyometric box is a great way to save money on fitness equipment if you already own household tools. Even if you don’t plan to practice jumping, plyo boxes are a great addition to your home gym for other exercises like step-ups and modified pushups. Place a bead of wood glue along the two edges that are to be joined and glue the sides together. 6. Predrill your holes with the 3/8 wood drill bit. DIY PLYO-BOX 20 24 30 DETAILED PLANS CROSSFIT JUMP DIAGRAMS WOOD EXERCISE GYM in Sporting Goods, Fitness, Running & Yoga, Fitness Equipment & Gear eBay.

Wooden Plyo Box Assembly Instructions The following assembly instructions are for use with the 16, 20, and 24 Wood Plyo Boxes that come unassembled. Note: Glue is highly recommended but not included with the unassembled plyo box. Wood plyo box assembly instructions – Universal instructions to assemble your wood plyo box. Has anyone padded their wooden plyo box to reduce risk of shin injury? Got injured, looking to pad it with spare floor tiles – open to better ideas or suggestions of suitable glue: homegym (redd. (2 children). foam is stupid expensive. i was trying to diy an upholstered headboard and the foam i wanted was the most expensive part.

How To Make A Plyometric Step Up Wood Box

wood plyo box plans 3After a quick search, I found a solid set of well written plans from the CrossFit Journal. However you can build two boxes with a SINGLE sheet of plywood (not the suggested 1. It’s DIY fitness time! Make your own workout equipment with Carolina Lumber’s help. One of the most common items in the gym today is the simple plyometric box. The Wood: The box is easier to handle, and looks better if you use a nice sanded plywood, but be sure not to make it too smooth where grip is an issue if it gets sweaty. PVC Parallettes. Click here to view the step-by-step guide for making your own, homemade, 3-sided, plyometric box. Plyo boxes are great for box jumps, box squats, and can even make a great place to sit and rest in between sets. I found a polyurethane + wood stain in one that I used to finish them off with a nice mahogany finish. Finally, here is a video of me using them for box squats and box jumps before I had them stained:. With a cardboard mock-up, these plans can easily be adapted to any size plyo box desired.

Assembly Instructions For Wooden Plyo Box

The RX’d sizes: 20 and 24 are built into all boxes making these the perfect plyobox for athletes of all skill levels. As long as you have a little bit of DIY ability you should be able to build your own Plyometric Box. We built ours so we would have three different sizes to use 20inch, 24inch and 30inch. Start cutting: I used a table saw and circular saw to cut my wood but I’m sure you could cut it using a hand saw.