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Sanding belts for wide belt sanding, wood sanding, metal sanding and much more. Norton abrasive sanding belts provide high speed sanding and finishing of flat surfaces on wood, plastic, and fiberglass. Belt sanders are helpful power tools for smoothing large wood sections as the device will easily eliminate old paint along with scarred wood surfaces to produce a smooth finish.

wood sanding belts 2Most versatile abrasive for use on all wood sanding applications from stock removal to finish sanding. A general purpose sanding belt and the most commonly used abrasive on the market today. Belt sanders excel at the rapid removal of wood, making them the best handheld power tool for leveling and smoothing rough boards. Start at an angle to the grain for aggressive leveling, then finish with the grain. Production Abrasives Inc. offers a wide range of aluminum oxide sanding belts for wood sanding applications. Featuring Deerfos Abrasives (Deer Abrasives).

AO is very tough and durable, as stated above, and is used on bare wood, most metals (especially the steels), leather and a wide variety of other materials. These shorter belts do not provide time for the heat built up during sanding to dissipate in use and while they may at first glance appear to be less expensive, they are in fact more costly in number of belts per piece worked and downtime for belt change. Shop for aluminum oxide and ceramic sanding belts or sanding stick replacements. Here at Abtec4abrasives we can manufacture belt sizes from 6mm through to 1600mm wide for sanding of materials as diverse as wood, paints, lacquers, plastics, gel coat, hides, leather, resinous woods, steels, stainless steel, fillers, marble, granite, concrete, glass and MDF.

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Get high speed sanding and flawless finishing on flat surfaces with our range of wood sanding belts. We also offer grinding and polishing materials. We’ll help you decide whether you need a belt sander, orbital sander, or random-orbit sander. DIY activity is, and chances are slim they will mention sanding wood. Our aluminum oxide belts are designed for light to heavy sanding of wood, metal, plastic and painted surfaces. The bi-directional splice reduces bumping for a smoother run. Buy a wide range of wood abrasives including sandpaper sheets, sanding belts and sanding discs. Full range of sizes and grades for wood flooring and more. Common to see these in more aggressive tools like belt sanders. Silicon Carbide: Easy to spot because of the color (Gray or black). Build Something Extraordinary With Our Large Selection of Quality Woodworking Sanding Belts at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

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Wide Sanding Belts: Keystone Abrasives is known for consistently manufacturing top quality wide sanding belts constructed to provide optimal performance. We can manufacture any length stroke sanding belts for both wood and metal applications. At the end of the day, take the belt off your machine and spray them out with a garden hose to remove any wood fibers that have built up on the belt. After you rinse the belts off, hang them to dry overnight.