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80 Cabinet Scraper Sweetheart Plane Vintage Tool. 34.99. Buy It Now. Here is an original 1914 Stanley Sweetheart No. 80 wood cabinet scraper plane. Via the Internet. 2. What do I need to know to get started with wooden molding planes? 7. NOW PLAYING How do you keep a scraper plane from chattering? Unlike handheld card scrapers, a scraping plane requires less effort, especially on large surfaces, and holds the blade at a consistent angle. (It also costs 10 — 20 times more than a 10 card scraper.

wood scraper plane 2The plane holds a scraper against a wooden support. By turning the adjustor wheels, you can change the angle of the support to compensate for the angle of the burr on the edge of the scraper to get the cut you’re after. A scraping plane is more comfortable to use than a hand scraper, and a plane body helps you keep the surface you are scraping flat. Because the scraping plane cuts the wood fibres rather than tears them, it will further bring out the beauty of the wood grain, rather than mute it as sandpaper would. What the scraping plane does replace, however, is the need for sanding prior to applying a finish. Because the scraping plane cuts the wood fibers rather than tears them, it will further bring out the wood grain, rather than mute it as sandpaper would.

The roar of a planer is little distraction compared to it’s alternative of hand-planing for days. Believe it or not, I think scraping wood is also faster. When it comes time to remove the snipe from a costly piece of wood I grab my scraper. This does not mean that a scraper is a panacea for all wood finishing. Together with a plane, however, a scraper can reduce sanding to an absolute minimum. The first scraper plane is the model 212-Iron scraping plane, which is based on the Stanley No.

Scrapwood Scraper Plane

wood scraper plane 3A planed finish is always preferable to a scraped finish, but scraping planes are used for finishing woods that do not yield well to the hand plane. A scraping plane is more comfortable to use than a hand scraper, and the plane body helps you keep the surface you are scraping. On woodworking planes people now call the cap iron a chip breaker and this includes some very well informed guru’s in the field including some makers themselves. Perhaps I am being pedantic here, but shavings are secondary to planing or scraping wood smooth and have little to do with the work in hand. Hi guys, So I was wondering what type of wooden plane to make next and I quite fancy trying to make a scraper plane. There. I have had a Stanley 112 scraper plane for about 10 years. The big belt sander is a great tool hardly ever been touched by wood, I use it for grinding metal. A card scraper is a woodworking shaping and finishing tool. It is used to manually remove small amounts of material and excels in tricky grain areas where hand planes would cause tear out. Scraping produces a cleaner surface than sanding; it does not clog the pores of the wood with dust, and does not leave a fuzz of torn fibers, as even the finest abrasives will do. I am in the process of building a scraper plane. I have read about a billion forum posts discussing the matter and I have a basic idea of what to do. Topic tags/keywords: scraper plane wood scraper plane handplane blade burr.

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With a thick blade a scraper plane can take off wood pretty quickly. I use mine to flatten panels and big laminations, to even out rims while fitting box lids. A wood scraper is a deceptively simple tool, but is wonderfully effective for quickly and economically surfacing wood. Deceptively simple but wonderfully effective, they are work faster and more economically than sandpaper, and can in even outperform hand planes is some situations. Wood Scraper Plane Promotion,Buy Promotional Wood Scraper PlaneElectronic Components & Supplies, and more on Aliexpress.com. Vintage Pull Spoke Shaver Wood Scraper Plane Carpentry Woodworking Tool See more about Woodworking Tools, Carpentry and Woodworking.

And because such a small amount of material is being removed, even the slightest shaving hanging out of the mouth can get pinched under the tool and lift the blade off the wood.