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Wood Scrapers and Scraping Accessories at Highland Woodworking. Set of 3 cabinet scrapers. Includes one gooseneck, one round end, and one straight scraper. Cabinet scrapers are great for removing milling marks and final smoothing. Find a Large Selection of Hand Planes, Wood Files, Wood Rasps, Scrapers and More at Rockler.

wood scraper set 2Woodcraft offers scraper sets, scraper blades, sharp scrapers, cabinet scrapers, shavehooks, scraper holders, scraper sharpeners, floor scrapers, wood scrapers and more. The blades of this WoodRiver Deluxe Scraper Set are securely clamped to the cast iron head by the machined, front handle bolt, unlike other scrapers where blades are attached with a screw. Comes in a wooden case with blade storage slots so your blades won’t get misplaced or damaged. Cabinet Scrapers are one of the most useful tools in a wood shop. The Fulton Concave Scraper set (2 Pack) lets you produce a smooth surface without using and spending extra money on sandpaper.

Find great deals on eBay for Cabinet Scraper in Woodworking Planes. Clifton (Made in UK) Cabinet Scrapers Set with Gooseneck, Rectangle & Curved. Properly sharpened scrapers remove tool marks and finish wood surfaces much better than sandpaper because the wood fibers are shaved rather than abraded. This 6-pc Scraper Set includes fine, medium, and heavy cutting rectangular shapers, concave/convex scraper, gooseneck scraper and beveled edge scraper. On the surface, this is a simple cabinet, but it’s the surface that really sets.

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Cabinet scraper- simple, effective and unequalled. If planes leave tracks it’s a result of the tool’s cutting edge being misaligned and mis-set, which as I said previously is not the really the way of the artisan. Steel Scrapers from Lee Valley Tools (Pax Concave& ConvexScrapers, Flex Scrapers, Super-Thin Milled Scrapers, Super-Hard Milled Scrapers, Super-Hard Curved Scraper Sets, Bahco Scraper, Miniature Scrapers, Leather Scraper Pouch, Mini Spoon Scraper, Lee Valley Cabinet Scraper Case). Curved Scraper Sets, Bahco Scraper, Miniature Scrapers, Leather Scraper Pouch, Mini Spoon Scraper, Lee Valley Cabinet Scraper Case). This set of three PAX scrapers contains one rectangular scraper, a curved scraper and one with straight sides and convex and concave ends. The regular cabinet scraper is for straight work and the curved scrapers are for irregularly shaped surfaces or when you are scraping very selectively. A good set of cabinet scrapers are a fundamental building block of any cabinetmaker’s shop. A classic rectangular scraper is an indespensible tool. In addition, a few curved scrapers are essential to having the basic capability most tradional woodworkers require. They will stand up to any heavy-duty scraping task with minimum tear out. For best results, these scrapers should be burnished to a razor sharp edge. TypeCabinet Scraper. Amazing deals on this 4 Pc Heavy Duty Scraper Set at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

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A wood scraper is a deceptively simple tool, but is wonderfully effective for quickly and economically surfacing wood. A good set of cabinet scrapers are a basic feature of a cabinet maker’s tool kit. The classic rectangular scraper is an indispensable tool, while a few curved scrapers, like the goose neck and the other. 4 Piece Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set. 147419. 21.99. Add a great Item to Cart. 3pc Lynx Square Cabinet Scraper Set. 147420. 26.50. Add a great Item to Cart. 2 1/2 Soft Grip Wood Scraper, Tungsten Carbide Blade, Allway CBS25 12.69.