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With the Wood Series Full Body Wrap for the iPhone 6, your phone is guaranteed to stand above the rest. These vinyl wraps have the same beautiful texture as real wood grain, and will provide your iPhone 6 with the durability and protection you need for your newest device. Wooden iPhone 5S skin. Wood iPhone 5 Case. Wood iPhone skins. Email for discount coupon. Carved Wood skins. Carved wood iPhone cases by the Original KARVT. Best Wooden iPhone & iPad Decals and Covers from just 19. Wood cases and skins offer protection from scratches and durability, as well as a smart and delicate look to really create the perfect blend of style and functionality.

wood skin iphone 2I like my iPhones in wood. Part of it’s to satisfy my Danish mid-century pretensions, but as I’ve said before, there’s something perfect about making a sma. Protect your iPhone from scratches and nicks with an awesome, exotic wood skin. Precision cut natural wood protection for the back of your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5/5S. Handmade in New York and made to order.

Woodchuck USA combines nature and technology in a sleek design for our real wood skin. Protect your phone from scratches without the bulk of a full wrap-around. Cappuccino iphone 6/6s clear-out wood skin – 100 real wood and only 0.6 mm thick. We’ve got you covered with our PRiNK wood skin for the front of your iPhone. Available in bamboo, walnut wood, or cherry wood.

Monolith’s Wood Skins For The Iphone 5 Are Simply Sublime

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Iphone Wood Skin