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Woodstock VT Historical Society – The Woodstock History Center interprets the history of Woodstock, Vermont and the surrounding area. Visit Woodstock, VT! Promotional poster for the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair in Bethel, New York. A white dove sits on a guitar handle above the tagline, ‘3 DAYS of PEACE & MUSIC. Woodstock was the pop culture music event of the decade and arguably to this day the single most profound event in the history of music. Acts from all around the world met at Max Yasgur s Farm in Bethel, NY on August 15-18, 1969 for a celebration of peace and music.

wood stock history 2Woodstock, like only a handful of historical events, has become part of the cultural lexicon. As Watergate is the codeword for a national crisis of confidence and Waterloo stands for ignominious defeat, Woodstock has become an instant adjective denoting youthful hedonism and 60’s excess. The three-day music festival now known famously as Woodstock formed spontaneously and attracted hundreds of thousands more attendees than the event’s planners expected. After all, they’re the ones, and not us, who wear the badge of honor that comes with being a part of the most spontaneous and successful outdoor festival in American history. Stock quote for iShares Global Timber & Forestry ETF (WOOD) – Get real-time last sale and extended hours stock prices, company news, charts, and company-specific research tools for iShares Global Timber & Forestry ETF (WOOD) at NASDAQ.

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair occupies a venerable place in America’s pop culture history, but some basic facts surrounding the 1969 event have been lost in the ensuing four-and-a-half decades of music history telephone. The purpose of this Society shall be to acquire and preserve historical knowledge and materials of Woodstock, Connecticut. It shall promote this history by every feasible means to as wide an audience as possible. In addition to the exhibition space, which is located at the historic Eames House on Comeau Drive in the center of Woodstock, the Historical Society has an extensive archive consisting of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, textiles, photographs, books, manuscripts, correspondence, documents, film/sound recordings, and antique tools.

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wood stock history 3Available in.pdf format. Statement on the Historical and Cultural Significance of the 1969 Woodstock Festival Site. September 25, 2001. INTRODUCTION. History of Woodstock. Founding Woodstock is over one hundred years old and one of the county’s oldest towns. The railroad came to Woodstock in November 1879. To understand the one constant in Woodstock’s history, we need only to glance upward at the face of Overlook Mountain. Though the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 came first, Woodstock (pictured) will forever be remembered as the festival that defined a generation. 1969 was the year Richard Nixon took office, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and on Aug. The original venue plan was Woodstock, New York. After local residents quickly shot down that idea and another possible location was identified in Saugerties, New York. Woodstock: The Oral History is the definitive, electrifying account of the rock festival that shook the world and defined a generation. This 40th anniversary edition is an update of Joel’s original 1989 book, including a new foreword by the two principal Woodstock producers and an updated where-are-they-now section.

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The incredible history of one of our nations first rural extensions of Broadway; launching careers, home to 1968 accepted precursor concert to Woodstock 1969. An estimated 400,000 music fans watch the last day of the Woodstock festival. Rolling Stone magazine correspondent Greil Marcus describes the event:. Presented by the Woodstock Historical Foundation, Founders of Woodstock Club The history of golf at Woodstock has its origins in the Indianapolis Country Club on this site.