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I’m looking at how to install a woodstove in a yurt. Is a single sheet of cement board enough to protect the wood floor from the heat of the stove? The woodstove does not require a R value, the pedestal or heat shield and legs raises the firebox high enough not to require the R value. Here are two low-cost approaches to safe wood stove installation. By positioning a sheet-metal guard one inch out from a combustible surface, it’s possible to significantly reduce the temperature to which the flammable wall would otherwise be subjected by a wood stove’s radiant heat. First, there must be a one- to two-inch space between the floor and the steel (to allow air to pass underneath and behind the barrier). And all at an easy-to-live-with cost of about 20!. A radiant wood stove that does not have a built-in heat shield requires at least three feet of air space between the stove and any combustible material, including wooden studs hidden behind drywall. This approach is rather unattractive, though, so you can beautify the cement board by adding standard floor tiles.

wood stove floor heat shield 2Heaters, Stoves + Fireplaces. 1 Top Seller Drolet Metal Heat Shield, Model AC05555. Quick Info. Wood and pellet stoves are known for giving off an intense level of heat. Wood stoves require heat shields both under and behind them to protect your home from heat damage. Just placing fireproof materials, such as tile or concrete, against the wall or floor does not adequately protect your home from fire.

Some stoves produce enough heat that a Thermal Protector is required to protect the floor beneath the stove. All wood, pellet, coal and corn stoves require a hearth protector. Well, to match the thermal protection of a ThermaShield pad using ceramic tile, you would have to use 86 layers of tile.

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