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I am considering putting a wood stove in my garage so that I can work in there more comfortably throughout the winter. I already have a construction heater, but that doesn’t cut it (at least, it didn’t last winter!). Want to install a wood stove in the garage but would rather not cut a hole in the roof. Many insurance companies will not cover wood heat or increase the rates expect an increase. She suggested putting a small wood stove in to heat the whole garage. My gut says a wood burning stove in a garage is a bad idea but often my gut is wrong.

wood stove garage heat 2Stay warm with a quality heater or stove. We have natural gas stoves and heaters, electric stoves and electric heaters, fireplaces, cornstoves and much more from Northern Tool + Equipment. Wood Stoves. (22). When it comes to heating your garage or workshop, consider electric garage heaters as an alternative to a wood stove. Many (all I called) will not allow a wood burning stove in a garage. Heated my garage for yrs with only a woodstove. never had an insurance problem.

I plan on installing a wood stove listed below:. I realize it may not heat the second floor completely, so I will supplement with another type of heater up there when needed. I put a wood stove in my garage, had to remove it, or no insurance. I could however build a seperate sealed room that only the CERTIFIED wood stove was in and blow the heat into the garage. An EPA tag, such as this one from a wood stove, shows a heater’s BTU output and efficiency, as well as smoke output. There’s even a guy I read about who uses his pickup truck as a heat source: after driving for a while, he parks it in his garage shop with the hood open and uses a small fan to blow warm air from the engine bay!.

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Alternative heat doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Choices for alternative garage heaters include Trombe walls, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and used oil furnaces or boilers, to name just a few, but many common sense options like insulation, weather-stripping, and passive solar will help maximize the warming effects of whatever alternative garage heater you choose. So am looking at buying a garage heater for my garage. Would be heating a 22×22 garage. My intial thoughts are that i dont have gas run out to the garage yet so was going to change it over to propane untill summer permits running gas out to the garage. Buy a stove that can burn wood or coal. I use the wood stove to heat my workshop during the winter months. I have seen heat exchanger units available in stores for around 160. I use a wood stove similar to this to heat my garage that is attached to my house. I was leaning towards a john deere multi fuel heater since i figured my insurance would jump way up with a wood stove. So my questions are: 1- what would be a small stove for my garage that would be fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and also things to look for when looking for one ( epa bs ). Find high efficiency wood furnace and outdoor wood stoves here.

How Should I Install A Chimney For A Wood Stove In My Garage?