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In Europe, large letters used in printingwere carved out of wood because large metal type had a tendency to develop uneven surfaces, or crack, asit cooled. In the preface to his first wood type catalog, Wells outlined theadvantages of wood type. This typeface was copied as wood-type soon enough to appear in the 1906 Hamilton specimen book. Accordingly, our example of Grecian type is shown below in the Civil War recruitment poster for a Union rifle regiment. These features plus others give Kabel its special look. Many type faces, specifically drawn to compliment illustrations, inspired new metal type. As illustrated (on the Lincoln poster, above right and images below) wooden type was often mixed with metal type in a conglomeration of styles.

wood type poster characteristics 2Wood type was invented in the 1800s to satisfy the demands to create larger poster advertisements for competing businesses, WOFF fonts are the new standard created for displaying typefaces on web sites. Characteristic of deep tactile grain texture, nicks and typeface designs (often recollecting the Old West and circus posters), it has become a revered aesthetic for contemporary designers and a coveted practice of letterpress printers who collect wood type. Because of the heavy use of wood type in the 1800s, often using 20 plus typefaces for a single poster, the design style is symbolic of that period. Letterpress printing with antique type has many distinct characteristics that may or may not be appealing to everyone. But if you’re seeking a vintage-inspired design that incorporates original Victorian, Art Deco, or other forms of antique type, then an old timey press is perfect for you! Antique type is also perfect for couples seeking to model their wedding invitations after vintage show or concert posters, since the medium is particularly suited to text-focused designs. This handsome poster features ghouls, bats and of course, scantily clad women.

Hamilton Wood Type’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition poster on press at the museum. Escafina is great for logotypes, headlines, posters and other uses. It has been designed with the Latin Extended A Character set and has advanced open type features to support automatic rotation of alternate glyphs. Mission Gothic is a relic; a ghost from an era where letters were hand-painted on wood and glass. Wood type has some very nice characteristics when printed. Sometimes the age of the type will have irregularities or even print a bit distressed. I use both metal and wood type on my posters. I also like to overprint the wood type because the transparency of ink can produce a third color and this can only happen with larger type.

What Is Wood Type?

wood type poster characteristics 3Wood-type posters usually had vertical formats; types of a mixture of sizes and styles were set in horizontal lines with a left-and-right alignment that created a visual unity. Its defining characteristic was a sinuous curvilinear line. Poster-size types began to be developed that were not merely magnified forms of book type, but very different and bolder. Notable collections of original wood type are held by the Hamilton in Wisconsin and the University of Texas at Austin, collected by Rob Roy Kelly, writer of a well-known book on American poster types. Joanna, Excelsior, TheSerif, FF Meta Serif and Guardian Egyptian are examples of newspaper and small print-orientated typefaces with some slab serif characteristics, often most visible in the bold weights. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for wood type from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Each image features examples of typography in culture, along with cultural and historical commentary to go with the image. Typoretum typoretum Mar 8. Delighted our wood type William Morris poster features in this Independent 10 best graphic prints feature! This poster invitation for Orin and Cliff is no exception. Wood Type, and it’s such a delight to get brand new wood type! Orin and Cliff also liked many of the cityscapes we create, so the poster features a little section of Jacksonville, complete with a water line and sun-like ornament.

Graphic Design

If you only have a large wood type font in one size, you run out of certain characters very quickly. The 50 posters each are numbered and signed by Erik Spiekermann. Now that resolution on screens often matches that on paper and typographic features can pretty much all be emulated across browsers, we get down to the real issue: taking the information apart and reassembling it for the specific purpose.