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Vinyl or wood replacement windows? It’s difficult to know which type to choose for your home renovation project. Today we will compare and contrast the two leading types of replacement windows, wood windows and vinyl windows, to help you decide which window material is perfect for you and your home. Any type of replacement windows will make a dramatic difference in your home. See some tips for choosing between vinyl and wood for your next home window replacement project. Consider energy efficiency, maintenance, budget & beauty!

wood vs vinyl windows 2Are Vinyl Windows Better. If you’ve made the decision to replace your windows, you’ve probably already given a lot of thought to which material is best. Wood vs. vinyl windows? Aluminum vs. vinyl windows? Chances are you’ve also encountered a lot of conflicting information about these choices. Material Choices Windows frames come in a number of different materials, including wood, vinyl aluminum, fiberglass and composite plastic. Also look for joints that are heat-welded rather than joined with screws or other fasteners. You can expect a two- to six-week wait if you order custom units. Our customer in USA that choose aluminum clad wood windows replace vinyl windows for their villa project. When it comes to aluminium clad doors and windows they are thin and soft and can easily be scratched or dented.

The most common force exerted on a window is wind, which can cause flexion. In fact, it is a key test all windows under-go when they are rated. Vinyl windows require extra structural reinforcement to help strengthen their extrusions and reduce flexion. An Aluminum Clad-Wood extrusion has very little flexion and far out-performs Vinyl in its structural integrity. I would love to hear from you all that considered using wood vs. vinyl windows. My husband and I are pricing Andersen windows, yet we know that vinyl windows would be considerably less. Any thoughts? Selecting the Right Window. There are two main categories of windows, new construction and replacement. In general, new construction windows are used whenever you will be stripping the wall down to bare studs and framing. Replacement windows use the existing window frame and insert into the opening.

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wood vs vinyl windows 3How do vinyl windows compare with wood windows? What are the differences of vinyl & wood replacement windows? Choose which is best for your home. Making the right window replacement choice for your home Choosing replacement windows for your home begins with the style, size and features you seek. Today,. Vinyl Window The wood-grain appearance on vinyl windows is a popular alternative to actual wood, which is more problematic than either vinyl or aluminum. It’s also superior to the painted surface of aluminum windows. Aluminum Window To get the look of wood on an aluminum window requires the use of a coating treatment. Vinyl Windows vs. Wood. Wood windows provide challenges that you won’t experience with vinyl. Wood windows can be as much as twice as expensive. Wood can match the insulation values of vinyl, but consider that wood windows do require yearly maintenance. The basic purpose of any window is to fill an opening in a wall, in order to let light into the house. Additionally, operable windows offer the option of ventilation. Both wood and vinyl windows can accomplish both of these goals. However, in many important ways, vinyl windows and wood windows are indeed different animals. While their low cost is very attractive to homeowners, vinyl windows are very susceptible to temperature. Fiberglass windows excel in the areas where wood and vinyl begin to fail.

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Wood window frames insulate relatively well, but they also expand and contract in response to weather conditions. Wood frames also require regular maintenance, although aluminum or vinyl cladding reduces maintenance requirements. Windows and Patio Doors: Vinyl vs. Wood. Keep the following things in mind when choosing your new windows. If you’re still having trouble deciding, visit your local WindowRama showroom and ask one of our WindowRama sales associates for advice. Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series. Last time, we talked about choosing replacement windows that suit the style of your house whether the type is casement, double-hung, slider or something more exotic. In this postpart three of a multi-part serieswe will explore and compare two popular window framing materials, aluminum and vinyl. If you missed part oneFiberglass vs. Wood Windowsor part twoAluminum vs.

To help you choose between wood and vinyl, we took a 90-year-old home and replaced its original wood windows twice. First with standard vinyl and then with 400 Series insert windows featuring the beauty and warmth of wood interiors. Pro Window Installers of Fiberglass Wood Vinyl Aluminum Windows for a Gorgeous House that Lasts. Wood vs. vinyl windows? Aluminum windows or composite? Replacement windows are energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain, and block out noise pollution. Windows come in dozens of styles; however, the two basic categories are wood or vinyl. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl windows are cleaned with soap and water and they never require painting or sealing. Wood windows can cost two to three times what vinyl windows cost, but they have a higher re-sale value.