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Wood Candle Wick Technologies, Inc. is a licensed distributor of wooden wicks developed by the creator of the original wooden wick, Lumetique, Inc. Since 2001, Lumetique has created proprietary and innovative technologies in the home fragrance industry that enhance the overall functionality in candles. Giving Sound to Candle Light. Our new Soft Wood Series wooden wicks are very easy to use. This is the perfect wooden wick complete with the custom tabs. Wooden wicks are pretty new to the candle making world. Here are the positives about them.

wood wicks for candles 2We have searched high and low for a good wooden wick and all we could find was junk. That was until we came across this 2ply wood wicks from Unity. WOOD WICKS FOR CANDLES PERFECT IN SOY OR PARAFFIN CANDLE MAKING SUPPLIES in Crafts, Home Arts & Crafts, Candles & Soap eBay. Buy WoodWick Candles and RibbonWick Candles at best prices. Welcome to WoodWickCandles.com, the home of the wooden wick candles that crackle when they burn.

Choose any Green Bean 100 soy candle in your favorite scent with our crackling & maintenance free Wood Wick. This listing is for ONE 8 oz. soy. For those unfamiliar, wood wicks have become a natural alternative to traditional candle wicks and emit a slight crackling campfire sound when lit. Crackling wood fire sound while Wood wick is burning. Does not require trimming. Candle top must be flat and completely cooled before test burning.

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The candle has 3 wicks and lasts for up to 150 hours, making it ideal for any room or occasion. The wooden wick burns brightly and emits a crackling noise similar to a campfire. Choosing the proper Wood Wick is essential to making the perfect Candle. Use our Wood Wick Size Chart to choose the right Wood Wick. One of the new crazes with candles it Wooden Wicks. While a wood wick is not a new concept, it has picked up steam in the past few years. A wooden wick for use in a wax candle comprising a strip of predetermined wood having each of a first predetermined length, a first predetermined width and a first predetermined thickness. We chose to top off our candles with wood wicks for several reasons. It’s an emerging concept to the wick alternative. We like to be different and stand out. Wood wicks are one of the niches allowing us to accomplish this. Wood wicks enhance the rustic feel of these candles and add a subtle cracking sound, coziness that is similar to a wood burning fire place. The scents we have c.

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