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Venerable bushcraft instructor Mors Kochanski is one of the most experienced outdoor skills instructors in North America. His specialty is northern forests, the boreal, all seasons. The Importance of Traditional Woodcraft Skills. By Paul Van Horn. In a grove of Aspen trees in the Colorado Mountains, a group of campers greeted the new day. Skills and techniques that range from adding comfort to possibly saving your life in the wild See more about Bushcraft, Buck Saw and Shelters.

woodcraft skills 2After Monday’s tutorial on making a wooden cup Hendrik asked whether I had a photo of the basic tools needed for the task. I do indeed and here they are:. By Joseph Hurst-Wajszczuk. Improve your skills while enjoying your time in the shop. This book is written especially for those who can’t devote all hours of their day to woodworking. Several times a year, I will be exploring varied themes of survival skills in the desert or woods. Today, we will learn edible, medicinal, and other uses of a selected plant, and make natural cordage the old way from plants in their natural state.

About. Feral Woodcraft encompasses more than just woodcraft. The channel was created by Joe as a focus on survival skills with woodcraft or bushcraft as it’s foundation. As well as providing an outdoor learning environment for younger children, we also teach a range of woodcraft skills. These include shelter building, making string from natural materials such as nettle and bramble, making fire using a range of techniques including friction and striking, and simple woodland cooking. Their work lives are spent, making tools and leatherwork for bushcraft, woodcraft and green woodwork enthusiasts. Ben makes the tools and Lois make the leather sheaths to house them.

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woodcraft skills 3The wood craft skills training events held in May, June, September and October 2009 were well attended by Forest School leaders, play rangers, teachers, learning support assistants, education officers, Scout leaders and youth workers. About Western Bushcraft Skills, with some introductory information about our Head Instructor and our courses. Carve your own spatula, spoon and butter knife and make other woodcraft items to help you live in the woods. Jonathon Huet will teach safe knife use and maintenance of the tools used. Knots and Lashings Having some rope and cordage skills will make your life a whole lot easier in the outdoors. Woodland and Traditional Craft Courses, Bushcraft Courses, Family Holidays, Birthday Parties and Holiday Club.