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Although the Shadow Sphere Jig allows you to almost complete turning the sphere while mounted between centers, sanding and finishing work better with cup centers. To turn a sphere mount a turning square of wood between centers on the lathe. One project during a week long woodturning class a few years ago was a wood ball using a jamb chuck. I failed miserably to get the ball smooth. Vermec Sphere Turning Jig. The jig can be used on most lathes with centre heights between 125mm and 300mm. Can be used internally and externally.

wooden ball turning jig 2The wooden sphere turning jig and the cup chucks in situ. For turning balls, I usually use a Philip Steel jig, a photo of which you can see here. Turn perfect spheres on your lathe using this jig. Fred Lindsay Sphere Turning Jig. The Rim Chuck is a wood lathe chuck that was born out of the same frustration we have all felt. The new Fluting Jig is full adjustable to suit faceplate and spindle work. New Sphere Turning Jig. The cup chucks can be made from wood or plastic and turned to the shape and size you need.

I have been asked to make some wooden balls a little over 2 inches in diameter. Is there someone on here that has made some kind of a jig to hold a tool to make them? Seems I have seen a wooden one somewhere. The concept of this setup comes from the way the Belgian Billiard ball turners used to turn the billiard balls in days past from Elephant ivory. I hand turn the sphere close to shape before I bring in the jig to finish the job. EZ Threading Jig (Thread Cutter) for any woodworking lathe. This is the best Threading jig available which cuts precise threads (16 tpi) using your woodturning lathe. Our EZ Woodturning Jigs are the best on the market! EZ Ball XL Radius Cutting Jig Cuts a ball betweem 1 and 6.

Sphere Turning Jig

Homemade jig for turning wooden balls of up to 7 in diameter. Constructed from 1 square steel stock, MDF, and threaded rod. RATING: 1 2 3 4 5. (0). Height Ring 1in Heavy Duty (Steel) Wood Sphere Ball Jig. 7.95. Turning Tools: Turning spheres free-hand is not easy. Until then, I never thought about a jig to make balls, but for the fun of it I put it through its paces, turned a few decorative balls, then explored what other possibilities it offered. Spheres are the best way to admire wood’s physical traits; face grain, side grain, end grain, porosity, figure, colour, and texture of any species are revealed in this simple form that feels nice in the hand and pleasing to the eye. I want a jig that will allow me to make a near perfect wooden ball on my lathe. It should range from 5 inches DIA down to near nothing. Here it is on SketchUp. I can now turn longer items, specifically, French Rolling Pins! How to make a jig to quickly make accurate balls on the wood lathe. Turning a sphere freehand will test your skill, particularly if you need two the same size.

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A Clark Sphere Turning Jig with the included chisel or a round carbide cutter will allow you to make the perfectly smooth and round wood pieces you desire and will be proud to share with family, friends, and customers.