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Wooden spoon crafts for kids and adults. Ideas for using wooden spoons to make puppets, reindeer, Santa, angels, monsters, snowmen, witch, ghost, bunny, turkey, scarecrow. I don’t know what the small wooden spoons are called, are they dessert spoons or ice cream spoons?. Kids Craft Idea: Ice Cream Spoon People Felt Rollup. When I saw these little ice cream spoons on consumercrafts.com, I knew I had my medium. Mustache ice cream spoons by LolaLovesAParty via Etsy custom wooden spoons by burnedfurniture via Etsy Chandelier made from old wooden spoons via Bees Knees Bunglaow(above and below). Just LOVE you ideas with wooden utensils, especially will be doing some woodburning!!! Also love your other metal utensil ideas.

wooden ice cream spoon craft ideas 2100 Mini Small Wooden Spoons, Disposable Utensils,Ice Cream Kids Birthday Party,Sugar Body Scrub Spoons,Picnic,Craft, Stamping Taster Spoon. Cream Kids Birthday Party,Sugar Body Scrub Spoons,Picnic,Craft, Stamping Taster Spoon. Most of them ice cream spoons Yeah we eat a lot of ice cream!! Do tell me how you liked our spoon craft ideas. Oh I have to say the cream one and wow would never have thought to do this – I need to see the wood and not the trees, love the little doll too, lovely to craft togetherHugs Kate xx. Well I have got even a better idea to make flowers. You might have made flowers out of paper, fabric, plastic spoons etc. Why don’t you try flowers made up of ice cream sticks, these are much easier than those complicated stuff.

Interesting chandelier for your kitchen can be made also out of wooden spoons. We present you 25 creative craft ideas you can do with wooden spoons. This unassuming little bag of wooden ice cream spoons is just waiting to sing the praises of the heavenly court:. The great thing about saints’ crafts is that it is easy to make almost any saint recognizable just by including certain symbols. Thank you fo taking the time to share your ideas with everyone else. I need craft ideas using wooden spoons. I have saved several wooden spoons (the long ones, not the little ice cream spoons). I would very much like to turn them into gifts or crafty decorations that I can give as Christmas gifts.

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I had seen this idea on Te and Baby, and with an ice cream party on the horizon, I just had to do it. Materials Needed: Washi Tape (Target, Wooden Spoons (Etsy), Exacto Knife, and scissors. Eating Utensil Crafts for Kids: Ideas for Arts & Crafts with Disposable Plastic Spoons, Knives, & Forks Activities with Children, Teens, and Preschoolers. Garden Beds with Wooden Ice Cream Spoon Flowers. While waiting for the ice cubes to freeze, prepare the handles for the ice cubes. You can use disposable wooden ice cream spoons or you may cut craft sticks in half. We just made some of the cutest painted wooden spoons today! This craft idea can be done by kids and adults! Ice Cream Cake Recipe. Here are the materials we used..wooden clothespins, wooden ice cream spoons, magnetic strips, buttons, felt and rick-rack. Wooden clothespins, wooden ice cream spoons, magnetic strips, buttons, felt and rick-rack. We started by cutting out felt in the shape of the wooden spoon to use as the base. Fun and easy ideas to create snowman crafts with kids in groups, homeschooling, or families. Snag some wooden ice cream spoons from the school cafeteria or the craft store, have the kiddos apply a coat or two of white acrylic paint and while it’s drying, cut out top hats from construction paper and pick out a few shiny, sparkly sequins.

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We love crafting with wooden spoons, and we’ve got a whole host of ideas for you here! Just give the children some paint and a few crafty bits and pieces and find some inspiration at Activity Village. Features:Spoons. Click on this link to discover more Ideas For The Perfe. 100 3 Wooden Craft Popsicle Sticks Ice Cream Spoons Mini Tasting Spoons Wood.