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This Instructable will detail all the steps you need to follow to make your very own custom knife. Scales (Material for handle; wood, plastic, stabalized corn cob, mammoth tusk, stone ect.) Epoxy Masking Tape Sand Paper. Color spacers (Small spacers that add a line of color between your wood and metal Knife handle. First, tape up your blanks so you can safely handle the knife. Remember: safety third! These are some Damascus blanks that I bought off of eBay for a few twentys. With the wood side down, drill through the pin holes. Taping is a good idea, so the handle pieces don’t move around. Epoxy the left side on, then drill from the right side using the holes as a template left side now drilled all the way through besure to back your work up with some wood so the holes don’t chip out. Grinding down to the knife profile 80 grit grinding to the gaurd profiling the sides.

wooden knife handle designs 2NewspaperWood by Vij5 and Mieke Meijer – Design Milk. It is beautiful with exotic wood, the perfect length blade for your needs but the price tag is a staggering 300 and you only have 50 to spend on your obsession? Warning: Obtaining a 300 knife with only 50 in your pocket can be addicting and you may come up with something that is absolutely priceless in terms of challenge, achievement and beauty. If you have a handle design that fits your hand well, measure it well. How to Make a knife handle This video has no vocal instructions, but shows a man carving/chopping a knife handle out of wood using only what appears to be an ax. Using an X-acto knife, she carves the wood by hand & describes how to carve German-style, geometric patterns into the wood after stenciling the pattern on the outer wood surface.

Know the keys to top knife handle design to enhance both the performance and value of your knife. Wood is strong for its weight, finishes well and adds beauty. Wood, on the other hand, is less dangerous (still wear breathing protection though). A week back I made a Maple cutting board which has a knife slot cut into the side. The three knives with their new wooden handles, a big improvement in both form and function over the old plastic handles.

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wooden knife handle designs 3Cut out the shape of the wooden section, transfer to your selected wood which should be approximately the right thickness, if not cut down before going any further The block of wood prior to any other marking work, note the angle at both ends Mark the tang off to the required depth and also mark this on the wood. This is not regarding handle material but rather the knife blanks handle shape. Prototypes are well worth the effort. for knives i am using wood. i have a selection of different thicknesses of basswood. The picture also shows several pieces of wood to be used for knife handles. From left to right the handle woods are cocobolo, mahogany and burl wood. It is the aspect of handle design and making. In this aspect of the hobby you have a whole lot of choices and you can have a whole lot of fun. Knife Making Supplies – Best prices, selection and service. Visit us Today! All Rights Reserved. Magento Design by Towering Media. How to design and build a knife with a bone handle, including shaping, instructions, diagrams, heat treating, polishing, and sharpening. The culprit, a wood-handled folding jackknife, wasn’t one of those spring opening switchblades that have been illegal since their appearance in the West SideStory gang-fighting scene back in the 1950s. Learn to make a hunting knife from an old saw blade, for yourself or to sell your homemade knives as a bootstrap business. As you design your knife blade, then, consider the type of handle the finished tool will have.

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Bob Kramer makes two custom knife designs, the Euro and the Meiji. Bob’s knife handles are made of real wood. Cocobolo has been an industry standard for over 200 years in high-end cutlery, and is his first choice of wood because it is very hard, naturally high in oils, and has an interwoven grain, giving it strength and stability. Knives are one of our oldest tools, so it makes sense that they have evolved into thousands of styles since the first person chipped one out of stone. Handles can be made of natural materials such as wood, stag (antler) and bone. Find Quality Knife Handle Designs Home Improvement,Knife,Handles & Not sure who came to this design first but I think it’s the Ferrari of fixed blade knives.

I tried making some wooden knife handles for pre-fabricated knife blanks. I measured the dimensions and came up with a design in Fusion 360 based on this basic shape: image After a bit of extruding, corner rounding, and subtracting a box mod. Beyond there, William has devised his own unique blade shape and handle design. It’s thickness and grind seem to work against easy wood splitting though.