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There are many different wood oils at knife stores, but some people simply prefer to use canola oil or olive oil. It took less than 15 minutes to oil the cutting boards and these handles. I was wondering what other oils you could use to finish wooden handles with. For knife handles, I mix linseed oil and beeswax and thin it to paste like consistancy.

wooden knife handle oil 2I recently started making exotic wood handles for knife blanks and I am not sure what to use as a good finish on these woods. I’ve had some Rosewood, don’t remember which variety, hold several coats of boiled linseed oil. I read the Oil finishes don’t have much of it or wear resistance and eventually allow the wood to oxidize unless well maintained. No matter what kind of finish you put on a wood handle, sooner or later it will wear off if the knife is used enough or if the weather gets to it enough. To start cleaning and maintaining your knives at home you’ll need a short list of supplies, including:. (Wood handles only) Dab some linseed oil on a rag, apply oil to the handle, wipe away any excess oil and allow the handle to dry.

I have a Henckels chef knife with wood (I think walnut) handle. After sanding apply one coat of good quality,penetrating oil finish such as Min wax Antique Oil, Watco. Linseed Oil from Homebase and I want to use it on my knife handle. Funnily enough I also have Danish Oil and I tested it on a bit of scrap wood, but I thought it came out a little to dark, which is why I purchased some Linseed Oil. Can anyone please advise which is the best oil to apply to a new wooden knife handle?

Good Finishes For Wood Handles?

wooden knife handle oil 3How do you oil (not including stabilised wood) the handle of your knife? I soak mine in danish oil but how long depends on colour of wood and what I want it to look like. What is the best oil to treat wooden utensils and cutting boards with? It can be used for utensils, cutting boards, knife handles (even if they are plastic)!. Maintenance of blades, edges, handles, and storage. Do not soak wood handles, clean and scrub with hot water, do not under any circumstance put them in the dish washer and every month or so depending on use, re-oil the handles with a light mineral oil, or oil that is designed for use on wood that comes into contract with food. I will try soaking one knife in peanut oil overnight and see how it turns out. I would hazard a guess that almost any oil will soak into the pores of a wood knife handle and help preserve it. After long use the wood on the knife handle will need to be cared for. Danish oil or boiled linseed oil are great to keep the wood protected. Simply apply it to a rag and give the wood a few coats. You get some really dried out looking wooden knife handles as the years go by. The recipe is a simple combo of equals parts of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Best Finish For A Wooden Knife Handle

It will darken the wood, but it replaces the natural oils the wood has lost. Wooden Knife Handles Got Put Through Dishwasher. Anyway, I bought some mineral oil, but before I had a chance to use it, someone put three of the knives through a dishwasher.