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Wow I’ve never thought about maybe using wooden combs and brushes over plastic varieties. Haircare: Wooden Hair Brushes. I ditched the plastic and synthetic brushes and combs and bought wooden and boar brushes instead. The larger brush is the Kent Pf07 Olive Paddle Bristle Brush made from beech wood, 8. I love the texture of the bristles on the hair and also it being wooden. Most of the paddle brushes on the market today are plastic and just don’t deliver the results.

wooden paddle brush vs plastic 2I now use a wood big paddle brush with those little balls at the end of plastic bristles- have done for a few years with no problems at all. It replaced my plastic bristle brush and I will never go back to plastic. At first, it felt a little rough to my scalp because it didn’t have the same give as the plastic bristles, but now I can’t get enough of it. I have a Bass wooden paddle brush that I love! I got it for about 13 from Whole Foods about a year ago (?). Those brushes with fewer plastic or wood bristles with little knobs on the ends separate things less — more detangling than combing or brushing, which is usually fine for my purposes. I use a big paddle brush, which seems to be the only type of brush which will detangle my hair without excessive pain.

Hercules Sagemann brushes, paddle brushes, oval brushes, detangling brushes, round brushes. Always use an all-wood, boar bristle brush when blow-drying your hair. Hairbrushes; radial, flat, thermal, ceramic, ionic, paddle, cushion, styling, the list goes on. Then there are the bristles, natural, nylon boar, porcupine, man-made, should you choose a wooden, metal plastic or other material for your hair brush to be made of, so many choices. NEVER brush your hair while wet! always brush hair while dry. You know those paddle brushes with the metal bristles and the little plastic beady things on the tips?

Any Experiences With Wood Bristled Hair Brushes?

Find out if you need a round brush, a paddle brush or a detangler. Plus, the best brushes today. Boar Bristle vs Synthetic Bristles. This category of brushes includes the oval-shaped cushioned brush (padded head where the bristles are attached) for simply brushing out the hair and the flat paddle brush with an air cushion that’s used exclusively for long hair. Many round brushes have wooden or plastic handles with a variety of grips that ensure good traction and fit your hand. The Aveda Paddle Brush has long topped the Makeupalley.com product review chart ever since I started looking into beauty review websites many years ago (along with the Mason Pearson brushes, which have astronomical price tags (close to 3 digits) so despite really wanting to try them, I never bothered to look into it). Close up- it does have rather long bristles (plastic I think), the padding bit is slightly cushioned so there’s air inside, and an airhole in the middle as you can see. The bristles are long enough to reach all layers of the hair so I didn’t need to brush in outter vs inner sections either. They have softer feel than any metal or plastic brushes. Also wooden combs last for a lifetime unlike plastic combs tend to break after quite usage duration. I hv a wooden paddle comb n love it..but cleaning n washing wooden combs is a pain na. Paddle brushes can be made from wood or plastic and the difference is really down to which feels best in your hand. The plastic tips of your paddle brush should be smooth and round to prevent hair snagging or damage to your scalp. Buy hair brushes online at Boots. Boots hair brushes include styling, paddle, thermo hot curl, popper, round and ceramic brushes.

How To Choose The Right Brush

So, I’ve got below how to clean a plastic or metal paddle and round brush, how to clean a plastic or metal comb and how to clean a wooden brush with natural bristles (or a mix of nylon and natural). Vega medium bamboo wooden paddle brush with round tipped wooden bristles easily penetrates the hair,. I researched a bit and found out that wooden bristle brushes are far better than plastic or nylon ones for your hair. Natural Wood Paddle Brush Wooden Hair Care Spa Massage Comb Anti-static Comb. 10 x Rat Tail Tint Brush Plastic Styling Comb Hair Pick Handle Hairdressing ST. Share useful knowledge on wooden hair combs and hair care related. When it comes to brushes, there are four main types: plastic brush with bobble ends, synthetic fibers, wooden brush or a boar bristle brush. For extra-long hair, consider a paddle-type brush to smooth it out.

Shop the Hair Brushes range online at Superdrug. Find the latest offers and read Hair Brushes reviews. EcoTools Smoothing Detangler Paddle Brush 9. Buying a brush with a wooden paddle is easyslightly more expensive, but eliminating some plastic from your life should be worth the price. Brushing your hair can be a pleasurable and very personal experience, some would even describe it as sensual. Light Wood backs are available with large and medium sizes on request. The hand-polished plastic handle makes the hairbrush comfortable to hold and use.