Wooden Pencil Box With Sliding Lid Sample Plans PDF

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Wooden sliding lid box can be a great gift for the people of all ages, especially for children to serve them as a wooden pencil box or a toy box. A basic box with a sliding top, from the students of the Clear Spring School in Eureka Springs, Ark. The Clear Spring students made this project as a pencil box, but don’t let that limit you. Kids slide the box lid in place, mark it for the desired length, and cut it to size. There’s a secret to driving a nail without splitting the wood. They will learn and apply knowledge to make wood joints (lap & butt), generate creative ideas, work as a team (peer support and tidying up), and how to sketch in 3D. Plywood Lid: 210 x 75 x 3mm You can substitute any of these materials or sizes to make your own box ideas.

wooden pencil box with sliding lid 2See more about Wooden Pencil Box, Pencil Boxes and Pencil. How to Cut Sliding Dovetail Joints – Fine Woodworking Article. Buy Wood Pencil Box W/Sliding Lid 8.25X1.57X1.57- at Walmart.com. Blank Wooden Pencil Box (I bought mine for about one dollar at a local craft store, although Amazon sells a pricier version). Let it dry completely before sliding the lid back onto the box.

Looking for a sliding lid box with a removable lid? Made as a pencil box, but anything long and slender will be perfect for this wooden box. View 34 Best wooden pencil box with sliding lid images. Plain wooden pencil box with sliding lid art craft school fund raising events. This wooden pencil case is timeless classic box for collection of pencils, brushes, pens, rulers, dominoes etc.

Classic Wooden Pencil Box

wooden pencil box with sliding lid 3Read related documents and downloads about How To Make A Wooden Pencil Box With A Sliding Lid. Find answers researching ebooks, papers or essays. This hand-carved, wooden box has two inner compartments, and a sliding lid that fits smoothly into two grooves on either side of the interior. It’d be a great home for any fine writing instrument, and it’s a wonderful combination of form and function. Light Wooden Pencil Box with Sliding Lid to Decorate Wooden Shapes for Crafts in Crafts, Home Arts & Crafts, Woodworking eBay. Unvarnished wooden pencil box, with sliding lid L23cm W8cm H5.5cm. Glue the wooden eyes onto the top of the box. They will rest on the frame of the box, not the sliding lid. Add black pupils to the eyes and add nostrils.

Pencil Box With Sliding Lid