Wooden Poster Type Sample Plans PDF

Beyond 72pt (1 inch) it was usual for type to be made of wood, and it was measured in lines, 1 line being equal to 1 pica or 12 points. If you’re selling poster type, consider using the British Letterpress Classifieds service to reach printers directly; or contact me for specific advice. Chemists have the periodic table of the elements, now woodworkers have something of their own. A must-have reference for any shop. Made for everyone that loves and uses wood. These typecases are the standard empty, or blank, case, with no interior boxes, and are used for storing wood type (poster type), or for blocks, cuts, etc.

wooden poster type 2Created as part of a second year project where we were asked to design a poster that emulated the wood type posters of the Victorian era. Accordingly, our example of Grecian type is shown below in the Civil War recruitment poster for a Union rifle regiment. Surplus Sale, Poster Gothic Wood Type. 5-line Poster Gothic lowercase wood type for sale Wood type for sale in the Letterpress Daily Store.

My partner and I designed a poster inspired by the wood type posters popular during the Industrial Revolution. Out of curiosity, we converted the poster into black and white and removed the decorative border. Here is another fun brightly colored 1948 vintage woodworking print. This antique wood grain types illustration comes from a 1923 French.


Wood Type Poster