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Building a wooden propeller, wooden propeller construction and manufacturing techniques. Just as there were many variations in propeller design, various manufacturers held firm beliefs that certain materials and construction methods produced a superior product. Then take the draw knife and remove all the excess wood from between the saw cuts.

wooden propeller construction 2During World War I, the United States felt they were lagging behind Europe in terms of airplane technology. Not to be outdone, Congress created the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics NACA. Hand production of historic wooden propellers, decorative and functional. Besides the above mentioned, our work extends to aircraft construction, renovation of airplanes, historic airplanes, and last but not least, flying, where we offer a flight training at the airport in Vyskov, Czech Republic. Watch a glue up of a massive wooden propeller – 130 pounds of glue! BeThePro.com is a construction industry information source for professionals working in the North American market.

From a block of laminated plank to a finely shaped aerodynamically balanced propeller blade, this video explains you the construction of a wooden propeller. Propeller Making for the Amateur is for the truly devoted homebuilder, for the woodworking aficionado, and for maintenance and repair needs of manufactured wood propellers. This booklet takes you step-by-step through the design and construction process of wood propellers using simple and common shop tools. Metal propellers are now extensively used in the construction of propellers for all type of aircraft. The general appearance of the metal propeller is similar to the wood propeller, except that the sections are generally thinner.

Retrotechtacular: The Construction Of Wooden Propellers

Bid Live on Lot 81 in the The Bill Richards Collection Auction from Cheffins Vintage and Onsite Auctions. A wood propeller for your homebuilt may be safer than a modified metal prop. The propeller along with the integral hub is made of wood, metal (aluminium alloy or steel) or composites. 2.2.5 Wood propeller blade construction: Wood propellers are made of several layers of wood bonded together with waterproof resin glue, and except for very low instances, they are made of birch. I feel old, having used every one of those wood working tools in different shops over the years. Yes, few of the shops I worked in only had the vintagetools and they worked better then any modern tool before CNC. Aircraft birch construction is used, with the number of laminations providing the proper combination of strength and material stability under the high loads and stress environment of aircraft use. Wood construction propellers are available with fiberglass covering for added environmental and abrasion protection. With the idea of propeller construction, Hoffmann Propeller went ahead already in 1955. HOFFMANN PROPELLER employing 50 people, design, manufacture, maintain and overhaul propellers with blades in wooden composite construction for every imaginable purpose, mainly for the General Aviation, Hovercraft and any special applications such as blades for windtunnels in the automotive industries.

Wooden Propeller Construction

A wood propeller is not cut from a solid block but is built up of a number of seperate layers of carefully selected. Metal propellers is now extensively used in the construction of propellers for all type of aircraft. Due to the fact that the wood of which propellers are constructed is susceptible to splitting it is found unwise to utilize penetrating bolts Whichhave too tight a drive fit in the holes drilled therefor. My invention consists of a construction which will totally overcome the above men- The hub section of the propeller I construct with cross laminations, the grain of which lies at right angles to the layers comprising the main laminations of the entire propeller. Mahogany was the wood preferred for propellers through World War I, but wartime shortages encouraged use of walnut, oak, cherry and ash. Even so, this was perhaps the first use of aluminium in the construction of an airscrew. Aero Performance propellers Ltd for Wooden propellers. Full Victorian Ash construction – (a light coloured Eucalypt) which gives the propellers a beautiful classic look.