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A damaged wooden propeller can be easily repaired if the damage is not to extensive. Everyone encounters prop nicks or dings at one time or another when using a wood prop. This tip comes from the model aircraft guys and has been used very successfully by ultralighters for many years now. This Article provides instructions on how to Repair the Trailing Edge of a Wooden Airplane Propeller. The trailing edge of a wooden aircraft propeller is the most fragile part of the propeller.

wooden propeller repair 2This site also offers how to videos and articles on repairing and maintaining wood propellers, and of course we sell wooden aircraft (and hovercraft) propellers. Learn how to refinish a wooden propeller for an airplane and repair small nicks using epoxy. Watch how to sand to prepare for the epoxy. My prop on the Jabiru is starting to show a little wear (442 hours in use). i_dunno One side just looks a little worn (varnish? wise) (see pic 1) so.

Repair. If you are interested in repairs, please visit our contact page. Sensenich Propeller manufactures and services our own Fixed Pitch Wood, Aluminum and Composite Ground Adjustable Propellers for Airboats, Aircraft and UAVs. Decades of propeller repair, maintenance and service makes Northwest Propeller uniquely qualified to perform virtually any service to your metal or composite propeller assembly. From the latest five bladed composite assemblies down to a fixed pitch or wooden prop, let Northwest Propeller give you the service you need for continued reliable operation. Hercules Propellers are pleased to offer a Refurbishment, Repair & Balancing for all tired looking aircraft propellers that need enhancing or updating.

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wooden propeller repair 3Composite prop or even wooden prop repair can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing since your repair could come apart on you and cause damage and or injury to your equipment, you or someone else. Though a faulty propeller can be one of the most intimidating repairs in aviation, composite propeller repair can still be made easy through these 5 steps. Unlike aluminum or wooden blades, they can be restored to their original dimensions over and over again. This means halting the decay of the prop without causing damage. It does not include repairing previous damage which is a valid and acceptable part of the life of the prop. Aircraft Propeller Repairs are accomplished at the Plant City, Florida facility. FAA Advisory Circular 4313.1B is followed for the repair of all wood propellers. Just purchased a Yak 52 with a fiberglass covered wood propeller (Russian 2-blade V-530 propeller). It has a few small pieces of the glass chipping away and a 2 inch long 1/16-1/32 deep fine strip missing on the trailing edge. Tennessee Propellers Inc. manufactures wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft, powered parachutes, and microlight aircraft. We can repair and refinish most used propellers for about one third to one half the cost of a new propeller – call or email us to determine if your propeller qualifies and to get a quote!.

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Olympic Paragliding Prop Propeller Repair. At Olympic Paragliding, I offer wood and carbon fiber propeller repair for all makes of powered paragliders; some powered hang gliders, and even some ultralight aircraft and powered parachutes.