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Hock Tools’ kits for wooden planes and spokeshaves make the job easy. We’ve done all the precision milling of bubinga and beech. Just assemble and shape to suit!. Wooden Spokeshave Kits from Veritas Tools. 05P33.40, Veritas Hardware Kit, Small Spokeshave. Accessories. 05P33.31, Repl. A2 Blade, 4 x 11/16. This kit includes all the materials needed to make the DS No.1 wooden spokeshave.

wooden spokeshave kits 2It is a bit puzzling that, in spite of modern alternatives, traditional wooden spokeshaves are still popular tools. A tool built with this kit has a depth of cut adjustment that is simple, effective and requires no extra tool or blade removal. Wooden spokeshaves predate the cast metal ones by centuries and more if you delve into the histories of ancient worlds. The kit you buy includes the taps to thread the holes in the wood. Wooden spokeshaves have always been popular with woodworkers because the blade angle can be really low. The blade angle on this spokeshave kit is only twenty seven degrees – really low.

This kit allows the user to make a fine spoke shave and to save money over the complete tool. Hard maple body, brass wear plate, Hock blade, fine adjustment. Designed for the shaping of wooden wheel spokes in the 1800s, the spokeshave still ranks highly among our favorite and most used hand tools here at OWS. We’ve done all the cutting for our bubinga Spokeshave Kit — you just have to glue in the brass wear-strip and shape the handles to suit your hands. All the parts are included: depth-adjuster set screws, brass thumb screws to secure the blade and a HOCK blade ( SP062S).

Veritas Wooden Spokeshave Kit

wooden spokeshave kits 3Does it produce a quality spokeshave? This allows the use of some very pretty wood species which otherwise shouldn’t be considered for an all wood shave. A fun, simple and affordable way to add a wooden spokeshave to your tool chest. Veritas Hardware Kits for Wooden Spokeshaves – Woodworking. I started using spokeshaves on a daily basis, while building wooden boats a little over ten years ago. A well sharpened, and properly set spokeshave is an absolute joy to use. Kit for building a wooden spokeshave, sold by Highland Woodworking. I have several cast iron spokeshaves, some small brass ones, and the wooden contour planes from Lee Valley. I really like the light weight and feel of the LV contour planes, but because of the blade tangs they are not easy to sharpen, and they ten.

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