Wooden Stir Sticks Coffee Sample Plans PDF

Durable enough to withstand a variety of temperatures, these sticks make it easy to mix creamer into coffee, lemon into tea or a flavor shot in your glass of water. Wooden Stir Sticks make a great addition to your coffee shop selection. These 7 stirrers are made from renewable resources. An eco-friendly stick for coffee lovers! Touch wooden stir sticks are available in a wide range of sizes from 11.5 cm to 20 cm (4.5 to 8). Green products.

wooden stir sticks coffee 2Coffee stirrer, plasticImpact: 0. The production of wooden sticks consumes more resources, but produces less pollution than plastic. People make their coffee, stir it, throw away the stirrer. Buy ECO-PRODUCTS,INC. Wooden Stir Sticks ECONTSTC10C at Walmart.com. Make a great addition to your coffee shop selection. These stirrers are made from renewable resources. Stick up for green! Made entirely from renewable materials, this simple birch Stir Stick helps mix in your coffee fixings just right – so no one will ever know the extent of your sugar habit.

Stir your drinks without the need for a spoon or washing up afterwards using these Star Services Wooden Stir Sticks. Recently, I’ve noticed a move from plastic stir sticks to wood ones in nearly every shop I visit. I’ve assumed this change is an attempt by coffee shops to be more green because a move away from petroleum-based to organic products intuitively seems to be a good one. We carry a wide variety of stir sticks, sipsticks, coffee stir sticks, sip stirrers, and coffee stirrers for huge savings online at ReStockIt. WESCO 7" Round End Wooden Coffee Stirrer.

Coffee Stirrers: Wood Vs. Plastic. Wood Wins

wooden stir sticks coffee 3500 Wooden Coffee Tea Drinks Stirrers / Craft Sticks 5.5 Long. 3.99. Disposable Coffee Wooden Stick can be used to stir coffee and tea liquid beverage board. Very useful and easy to carry. Whiskey and bourbon age in wood casks for years to extract flavor. It takes time for that exchange to occurr. Much longer, I would assume, than the few seconds you take to stir your coffee.

Star Services Wooden Stir Sticks 1000 Pack