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Low Angle Spokeshaves. Made In USA. 85.jpg. No. 85 Razor’s Edge Spokeshave. 115.00. mastersh2.jpg. Master Spokeshave. 115.00. IMG_0206.JPG. Canadian Woodworking Magazine Tool Review. Woodjoy Tools makes a range of traditional woodworking handtools, including 3 styles of shaves. Woodjoy Spokeshaves. Classic Hand Tools are please to offer these professional spokeshaves from the USA. The innovative micro-adjust hex key blade adjustment – the quickest way to fine tune a spokeshave.

woodjoy spokeshave review 2Woodjoy makes some very nice wood bodied spokeshaves. If you do want to get a Stanley 151, look for vintage. There are no user reviews for this listing. Already have an account? One thing you may notice when you first start using a spokeshave is that tear-out can occur. I have used Woodjoy Spokeshaves they are fantastic and make any novice user of spokes look like a pro.

The Woodjoy circular spokeshave on the second leg. Four legs in different stages of completion: squared-up blank with turned foot; roughly sawn with support bridge still attached; spokeshaved smooth; and completed after rasping, scraping, sanding, and burnishing. I had to stop several times to sharpen a saw, plane, chisel, or spokeshave. Each leg has four faces, so even an operation that just takes 5 minutes on a side adds up to 20 minutes per leg. Visits And Reviews. A Good Day At Brimfield. Custom crafted woodworking hand tools, maker’s of Registered Trademark tools including award winning spokeshaves, blades, bowsaws, marking,measuring and layout tools,chairmaking tools, originally designed specialty tools for woodworkers. How are the Anant spokeshave that WB store carries? Cheers, Clint. WB Magazine? He also reviews Lee Valley’s new spokeshave and raves about it.

Recommendations For A Decent Spokeshave?

Another feature on FW reviews a number of spokeshaves and recommends the Veritas shaves and a Woodjoy. I know Alf has reviewed the Veritas ones (and did not like the handles too much?) but has anybody experienced the Woodjoy? Both available from CHT. Everyone needs a spokeshave or two, or three or eleven (actually twelve, I left one out!). Number 6 This is a new shave by Glenn Livingstone of Woodjoy – beautifully made metal bits, rather indifferent wooden handles but it works superbly well and gets in very tight spaces. No surprise about the LNs but the veritas has had good reviews elsewhere and so I guess it is possibly down to preferences and experience? My only shave is a modern Stanley that cost 7 brand spanking new. The wood body spokeshave I acquired at a New England field auction 30+ years ago is now in two pieces. Woodjoy makes very nice shaves if you don’t want to build one. A typical spokeshave is either a light bevel-up design with a cutting angle of 25 degrees or a bevel-down metal shave with a 40 degree angle and a thin blade, fine for shaving chair spindles in straight-grained air-dried stock, but not great for cabinetmaking. You can read a review of it in the October 1997 issue of Fine Woodworking, on page 102. Reply: I have the big shave made by Woodjoy. One thing which has been frustrating me with these tools is that the round bottom spokeshave just doesn’t produce a nice smooth cut like my other tools. Spokeshaves Striking Tools Tool Care Turning Veneering, Marquetry, Inlay Workbenches & Accessories. Empire, Hamilton, Anant, Gladstone, Norton, Irwin, Marples, 3M, Kreg, Wood Joy and others. Before ordering, please review our shipping policy.

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