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Low Angle Spokeshaves. Made In USA. 85.jpg. No. 85 Razor’s Edge Spokeshave. 115.00. mastersh2.jpg. Master Spokeshave. 115.00. IMG_0206.JPG. Brass Circular Shave. 99.00. Woodjoy Razor’s Edge Spokeshave. 115.00. sold out. Here is a great way to get started by making your own spokeshave at a great price. Comes with our A2 RC60 hollow ground standard blade (see blade section for more info) as well as all the hardware needed and a milled hardwood blank. This low-angle Woodjoy spokeshave features a 2-1/2 in., A2 steel cutting edge with a brass sole.

woodjoy spokeshave 2The first project I’m planning to work on when I’m able to woodwork again recommends a spokeshave. I’ve read through my ‘tool’ books (Tolpin, CS’ Anarchist TC, Fidgen) and decided to look at a wooden flat soled spokeshave. I’ve got it narrowed down to makers – Dave’s Shaves and of to the the Woodjoy shaves. Dave’s Shaves look very nice and have a lot of info on his site. The spokeshave fits nicely between the drawknife and the handplane. Like the drawknife, it has two in-line handles, and as with the plane, it uses a cutting blade which projects from a short sole to regulate the depth of cut. One thing you may notice when you first start using a spokeshave is that tear-out can occur. This is a result of being too aggressive with cutting depth. I have used Woodjoy Spokeshaves they are fantastic and make any novice user of spokes look like a pro. They have this inovative blade adjustment on the top of the tool, with a worry free positive locking system, which eliminates the need for threaded post and or tangs on the blade.

I tried the LN, Veritas, and a wooden spoke shave and for my hands and body mechanics; I really preferred the LN Boggs spokeshave. I could be humming right along using one of Dave’s Shaves, then hit an area where the LN, Woodjoy or LV is better suited, (I’ve never really focused on why, I’ll just keep trying different ones ’til I start getting good shavings and less tear out). Woodjoy makes some very nice wood bodied spokeshaves. If you do want to get a Stanley 151, look for vintage. However, spokeshaves are typically used for finish work. Use a coarse rasp or a draw knife for large stock removal and then finish with the shave. The Woodjoy circular spokeshave on the second leg. Four legs in different stages of completion: squared-up blank with turned foot; roughly sawn with support bridge still attached; spokeshaved smooth; and completed after rasping, scraping, sanding, and burnishing.

Wooden Spokeshave Recommendation

woodjoy spokeshave 3YMMV Sent from my iPad On Nov 13, 2012, at 6:22 AM, Van Hudson wrote: I am looking to buy the Veritas flat spokeshave or the Master Woodjoy. Does anyone have experience with these spokeshaves or perhaps another suggestion? Spokeshave from Woodjoy Tools. Big collection of Spokeshave from usa. Also deals in Manufacturer and Supplier of Spokeshave. How are the Anant spokeshave that WB store carries? Cheers, Clint. Have you seen Harry Bryan’s spokeshave article in the current WB Magazine? He also reviews Lee Valley’s new spokeshave and raves about it. Everyone needs a spokeshave or two, or three or eleven (actually twelve, I left one out!). Number 6 This is a new shave by Glenn Livingstone of Woodjoy – beautifully made metal bits, rather indifferent wooden handles but it works superbly well and gets in very tight spaces.

How Do I Pick A Spokeshave?