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Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE – Super Fence Single Offset Router Table Fence – 36. This premium router table fence measures nearly 4 tall x 5 deep and features a micro-adjustable offset up to 1/4 for accurate in-feed and out-feed alignment. Woodpeckers Premium Router Table Packages include everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project. Sooner or later, virtually every woodworker builds a router table. Just as often the most often dreaded part of that project is designing and building a fence system that actually works. The folks at Woodpeckers Inc who have over the years so impressed us with their line of router lifts and equipment finally applied their engineering and manufacturing prowess to the router table fence.

woodpecker router fence 2The fence also has a well-designed dust port for excellent above-the-table collection. Or, if you are looking for a quick and easy router table system to get you up and working on your project right away, choose from one of our many Router Table Packages from manufacturers such as Kreg, Woodpecker, Freud and more! Woodpeckers Premium Router Table Package includes everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project.

Let’s start with a must-have: a good fence. It’s essential for accuracy, dust collection, and safety. I really like this Woodpeckers fence because you get everything you need: tall fence panels, T-slots, a dust port that actually fits my shop vacuum, leveling screws to keep the fence square to the table, shims for offset jointing, and a see-through bit guard. I am going to buy either a kreg or jessem router fence. Any suggestions as to which is the easier to install and use by a beginner?. Other fences to look at: Bench Dog Pro Fence, Woodpeckers RF-3, Woodpeckers Super Fence, Peachtree router fences, Rockler etc. I would have been as happy with the Jessem. More than a thousand of these router table/cabinet systems have been built and used with satisfaction.

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woodpecker router fence 3Tools, Woodworking Woodpeckers, Jessem Woodpeckers Incra, Router Table Fence, Woodpeckers Super, Super Fence. Rockler, Woodpeckers, and Kreg all come to mind in terms of the most common mid-higher quality dedicated tables. I had a broken handle on my 3HP Bosch router and I didn’t want to toss it, So I bought a router table and permanently attached it. Woodpecker Router Table Lifts, Packages, Plates, and related accessories.

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