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Why is it useful to be examined with the Wood’s lamp? Normally your skin will not fluoresce, or shine, under the ultraviolet light. This test reveal different colors according to the type of skin disease, which may include: Golden Yellow (Tinea Versicolor). A Wood’s lamp is a small handheld device that uses black light to illuminate areas of your skin. The presence of certain bacteria or fungi, or changes in the pigmentation of your skin will cause the affected area of your skin to change color under the light. This lets the estheticians preform a more in-depth skin analysis, that isn’t easily seen by the naked eye itself.

woods lamp skin analysis colors 2A Wood’s lamp is a device that emits ultraviolet (UV) light in the 365 nanometer range and is commonly used by. If a fungal or bacterial infection or pigment disorder is present, Wood’s lamp examination can strengthen or lessen the suspicion of a particular diagnosis, based on the color of fluorescence of the affected skin being illuminated. Today she’s going to talk to us about wood lamp skin analysis, which our students learn about during their Advanced Facial unit. Basically it has a colour chart and that colour chart shows us what skin type our client is, where the oil flow is, where they’re dehydrated, where they’ve got normal skin and also where they have a bit of sun damage. Posts about Wood’s lamp written by Jamie’s Esthetics. Under the lam, different conditions show up in various shades of color.

The Wood’s lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions. Different substances become luminous when exposed to the deep violet rays of the Wood’s lamp. Healthy scalp and hair will show up as a pale grayish violet color. Frequently asked questions related to woods lamps. Questions on Analysis Lamps What is a woods lamp? A woods lamp is an analytical tool which uses UV (ultraviolet) light to examine a person’s skin. Under inspection through the woods lamp skin conditions show up as different colours.

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