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Examination under ultraviolet (Wood’s lamp) illumination: A Wood’s lamp emits ultraviolet light of a particular wavelength. This can be a quick and easy test to see if M canis infection is likely, however:. Frequently, in the authors’ experience, misinterpretation of diagnostic tests (eg, color change in dermatophyte test medium DTM ) has led to the assumption of an outbreak. Dermatophyte test medium (DTM) may be used in a clinical setting. The Wood’s lamp is useful as a screening tool for M canis infections in cats and dogs.

wood's lamp test for cats 2Three kinds of dermatophytes commonly infect dogs and cats: Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Pets that have a positive result on a Wood’s lamp test always should have the dermatophytosis diagnosis confirmed with a fungal culture. Cats can contract ringworm when they are exposed to infected soil, when they come in direct contact with another infected animal or person, or indirectly through their living environment. If you were able to successful isolate the cat prior to the spread of the ringworm infection, only co-mingle cats again after the ringworm-infected cat tests negative on two consecutive cultures, each two weeks apart. Ringworm in cats: The transmission, signs, diagnosis, and treatment of this fungal skin infection. Ringworm cannot be diagnosed by simply looking at a lesion, but at least one of several testing methods must be used. Several species of the ringworm fungus will glow a fluorescent color when exposed to a Wood’s lamp.

This species of Ringworm is usually from dogs and cats that dig into contaminated soil. All require some type of test because it is impossible to make the diagnosis just by looking at the skin. Preparing for the Woods lamp Skin Exam – Clients with photosensitivity should seek medical advice, prior to a UV exam. A careful examination of a cat with a Wood’s lamp, especially inside the ears, on the face, tail and feet helps with the early detection and treatment of Ringworm. Most laboratories or clinics use Dermatophyte Test Medium (DTM).

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wood's lamp test for cats 3However, signs are highly variable, especially in cats. Diagnosis is based on history, clinical signs, ruling out of other diseases and specific tests, including fungal culture.

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