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This probably sounds dumb but I want to make sure they’re the same thing. Is a Woods Lamp the same as an ultra violet or a black light? BLACK LIGHT & UV LIGHT USES – CONTENTS: How to use a black light (ultraviolet lights, bulbs, flashlights) or UV light also known as a Wood’s Light, to track down the location urine and other animal indoor contaminants. This is the home page for our Woods Light Web Site providing information on Woods Lamps and Woods Lights also called woodslamps or woodlights using UV Black Light to diagose skin challenges and forensic applications. Used by veterinarians, vets, schools, clinics and doctors offices.

wood's lamp vs blacklight 2The Wood’s Lamp and black light are quite similar–they both give off ultraviolet light, but the difference is in the wavelength of the light that is emitted. This phenomenon is known as fluorescence, and certain woods can be distinguished by the presence or absence of their fluorescent qualities. Black Light Blue 2LED Poster UV Glow Low Heat Bulb 120V USA Engineer Certified! CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEW WOODS LAMP WEBSITE. To Purchase this item for shipment outside of the USA Please CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEW WOODS LAMP WEBSITE.

PUVA vs UVB Narrowband. A typical Wood’s Lamp generates UV light at 365 nm (nano-meters) and can be used for many applications. Many minerals fluoresce under black light and many rock hunters will use black light to search for certain materials or minerals. A Wood’s lamp examination is a test that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to look at the skin closely. Also known as: Black light test and Ultraviolet light test. Black light is UVA rays, which are the safest and least harmful of the three types of UV rays. When used in the medical field, this is referred to as a Woods Lamp.

Is There A Difference Between A Normal Black Light & And Woods

The most common tool veterinarians use to diagnose ringworm on pets is a Woods Lamp, which is another name for the common blacklight bulb. Our ultraviolet lights in most cases will do what the Wood’s Lamp is recommended for. We do business with Homeland Security, Social Security Administration and various Law Enforcement Agencies and others. Using a hand-held black-light source instead of a Wood’s lamp. This article will define black light, discuss various bulbs and give you the tools to choose an efficient black light for your project. A special type of glass called ‘Woods Glass’ filters visible light along with medium and short wave ultraviolet light. BLACK LIGHT VS. UVA Handheld, Hand Held Woods Lamps and Woods Lights using UV Black Light to diagose skin challenges and forensic applications. Used by vets, schools, clinics and doctors offices.

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