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Wood lamp examination is a diagnostic test in which the skin or hair is examined while exposed to the black light emitted by Wood lamp. A Woods lamp examination is a test that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to look at the skin closely. Woods light can be used to detect vitiligo at a very early stage for pre-emptive treatment. How Woods Lamp is used to detect Vitilio? Although Wood’s light has not been scientifically evaluated, it has potential as a tool for objective assessment of vitiligo in research and clinical trials.

woods light vitiligo 2Vitiligo: patches, varying in location and extent. Vitiligo is an acquired condition where there is patchy loss of melanin from the epidermis, causing areas of pale skin. If a Wood’s light is shone on areas of depigmentation, the exact margin is more readily seen on fair skin and the lesions appear a bright blue-white. A Wood’s lamp is a small handheld device that uses black light to illuminate areas of your skin. It also can detect skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo and other skin irregularities.

This is the home page for our Woods Light Web Site providing information on Woods Lamps and Woods Lights also called woodslamps or woodlights using UV Black Light to diagose skin challenges and forensic applications. Fluorescence of tissues occurs when Wood’s (UV) light is absorbed and radiation of a longer wavelength, usually visible light, is emitted. In a Wood’s light exam, the doctor uses an ultraviolet light to check your skin for infections or other disorders. Vitiligo can be diagnosed by its appearance, and a Wood’s light exam can help the doctor distinguish between differences in areas of the skin.

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Welcome to Just for Parents, a special section of the Vitiligo Support online community dedicated to parents of children with vitiligo. The Wood’s Light is used for detection of Vitiligo spots (and other skin and scalp diseases). This is a lamp used for inspection and detection. CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEW WOODS LAMP WEBSITE. Localized vitiligo: basically involves one or more skin lesions in one area Focal vitiligo,. Wood’s light (a hand-held ultraviolet irradiation device) is likely used to identify areas of depigmentation. This can be done by Wood’s light. Vitiligo shows a very characteristic fluorescence under this condition which is absent in other leucodermas (Schallreuter et al, Science (1994)). Vitiligo is an acquired skin disorder characterized clinically by totally white macules, or spots, and microscopically by the total absence of pigment producing cells in the skin called melanocytes. Woods light examination is required to detect all the spots, especially in fair skinned persons, include:. The Wood’s lamp allows doctors to see areas affected by vitiligo that may appear normal under regular light.

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Wood’s lamp is apparatus used in diagnosis skin disorders through that ultraviolet light is targeted onto the skin of victim, (at a wavelength of approximately 365 nanometers).