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Woodturners always want to turn a perfect sphere, and they usually have their own method for doing this. Slightly undoing the two nuts at the top allows the turning tool to be adjusted. This will make sure that the sphere we make will have its centre on the axis of the lathe. One project during a week long woodturning class a few years ago was a wood ball using a jamb chuck. Since then, I’ve looked for a jig or a process to turn a perfect ball or sphere. Sand repeating steps 10 thru 12 using sandpaper instead of a cutting tool for each grit. Clean Up Time For Your Lathe’s Morse Taper. Lathe turning tools made with care and love. Click on this link to read a review of the Lindsay Sphere Turning Jig from the March 2010 issue of More Woodturning Magazine.

woodturning lathe ball turning tool 2So, this lathe is suitable for people who turn for long periods of time and can’t (or don’t want to) stand on their feet that long and for the more obvious reason, people in wheelchairs or other sitting devices who can’t stand. Fred Lindsay Sphere Turning Jig. The New Bowers Tungsten Carbide Rasp, available exclusively through Woodturner Tools, has arrived! In this tutorial, Fred Holder, shows us how he uses a wood turned sphere and turns the inside into multiple layers with 4 exterior holes. Now it’s one thing to turn a sphere but turning a hollow sphere is a completely different task! This lets you take it on and off the lathe quickly, and it doesn’t interfere with movement of the tool rest banjo.

Homemade jig for turning wooden balls of up to 7. 9. Lathe Chip Tray 10. TOOL: Woodturning Ball Jig. BUILDER: Richard Stapley on laymar-crafts.co.uk. Extra Cutting Bit (EZ Ball Radius Cutter Jig) Woodturning Jigs & Tools. Turning Tools: Turning spheres free-hand is not easy. This jig makes the process easy and fun, and opens up a whole new world of artistic options on the lathe.

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There are many die grinders and hand tools with a parallel collar that can be fitted. The jig will follow the form of a turned item without the need for templates for normal flutes. Care must be taken with trailing cables to ensure they do not become trapped between the jig and the Lathe Bed. New Sphere Turning Jig. Tip: Sphere-Turning Lathe Attachment. by Ralph Luman. Most wood turning is performed on material mounted in a single plane; the wood is placed between centers or held in a chuck. Many of the modern tools and processes for these creations were outlined in 1816 by L. Another quality of great value is persistence – it’s easy to get frustrated when a ball explodes on the lathe for no obvious reason. WOODTURNING LATHE BALL TURNING TOOL /JIG in Crafts, Woodworking eBay. Space does not permit a full description of how to turn the Chinese balls within balls, a fascinating item that will amaze those that view the finished item. Turning Tools For All Your Woodworking Needs. Find a Large Selection of Gouges, Scrapers, Parting Tools, Hollowing Tools, Sets and More at Rockler.

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Week 8: More Wood Turning and Lathe Accessories. Sphere Jigs.