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Keeping the wood wet while turning is essential to stop the wood from drying and changing shape. Re-use liquid spray, as this will allow you to wet the wood without wetting everything else in the workshop. The Second lure to turning green wood is that the size of the bowl is not limited to what is available in the lumber yard. Jerry Glaser manufactures a screw chuck (as well as the finest wood turning gouges in the world), with a sharp threaded screw that bites into the wood holding it securely. These are typical comments I hear when I talk about using green wood. The fact is, green wood is a very good material for woodturning, and it’s what I use for all of my work.

woodturning wet wood 2Paper Bag Drying Overview: In my woodturning demonstrations around the United States, I am frequently asked how to easily dry green wood bowl and platter roughouts with a minimum of effort. Then I started getting green or wet wood and that’s so much easier to turn and it’s really fun seeing the long strings of shavings coming off the piece! Green turning is easier on your tools since you don’t have to resharpen as often. Where to find the Wood? Turning Projects. Turning green wood is kind of a messy affair as depending on the wood and its density can leave you soaked in sap that gets flung out by centrifugal force when the piece is spun on the lathe.

Wood turning lathes seem to eat wood supply. One of the first difficulties encountered by a new turner is where to get the wood to turn. Most grab a 2×4, cut it to a 2×2 and turn it round. A wood turner’s best source of material is a fresh green-wood log. If you’ve never tried wood turning, we can recommend it as a fun and rewarding pursuit. Wet Wood Turning. harvesting wood. It all starts in the forest harvesting the wood. The best way to learn to cut clean bowls that are dry is to practice your techniques while turning wet wood.

Paper Bag Drying Of Green Wood Roughouts For Woodturners

I’m mostly interested in info on turning green wood. Searching for a wood turning class in Tennessee. Turning green wood is fun and saves a lot of drying time. I enjoy making bowls out of wet wood, cutting them thin and watching as they warp dry over the next week. My question is this: what are the. For turning a bowl from a section of green wood, success depends on properly preparing the blank. Eventually I discovered that acquiring green (or wet) wood was cheap and easy; in most cases, people would freely give me a few chunks of freshly cut wood if I simply asked them; in return, I would eventually give them a bowl turned from the wood they had given me. Besides providing me with an inexpensive source of wood, turning green wood also had other benefits:. Microwave drying wood is a good technique to utilise where you need something dried in a hurry. Speed here is really important, as some woods are prone to crack if left to air dry, so keep moving, and if you need to leave the piece in the lathe for any time, either cover it with a wet cloth, or place it in a sealed plastic bag.

Wood Turning: Green Wood

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. Green or wet turning – turning wood while its moisture content is above equilibrium. Often done when the wood is newly felled. May be turned to finished thickness, in which case the differential shrinkage of the wood will result in a finished piece that is not perfectly round. Brad’s creative woodturning process commences in the field with a chainsaw as he searches for felled trees having interesting wood grain, color, and figure. Green (wet) wood begins to crack immediately because the moisture evaporates unevenly from the ends and sides of the timber and from areas within the timber of different density, such as the sapwood and tree knots. 20 to 23 September 2016. Master techniques for turning bowls of various shapes and sizes. Explore bowl design and be encouraged to tackle new forms and.