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During my years as a woodworker, I’ve been admonished many times for how I handle this tool. The first time I saw a sawtill was when Sam Peterson, a denizen of the oldtools listserv, contacted me in 2000 to see if I’d be interested in publishing plans for one of the listserv’s group projects, where a bunch of their members made a project together. Posts about saw till written by Marilyn. A WOMAN, HER WOODWORKING PROJECTS AND A BLOG. I cut the sides of my saw till to look like. well, a saw. My initial intent was to make a typical saw till. One where you stand the saw on their handle vertically and rest the blade in the kerf of another piece of wood.

woodworking saw till 2I looked at a lot of other saw tills, but decided to just create one from my own mindnot always advised, but it seems to have worked this time. Education on woodworking, reel mowers, and health insurance by Mark Lovett Wells. For now they are safely in their packing box but it is time to build a saw till to protect them. I have seen a couple of pictures of Saw Tills and would appreciate.

I made a saw till for my small saw’s that i can place in my wall hung tool cabinet. It rests on a shelf and I can move it to where ever it’s needed for quick access to my collection of saw’s. The focal points of Steve’s wall are his Saw till and also his Plane till. The moment I saw the Saw Till I knew I wanted one like it. I wasn’t 100 sure if I also wanted the plane till as both units together take up a lot of room that I am not sure I can accommodate (being mindful of my other tools). At that point I realized I had to build a saw till. My workshop is in a shared basement of a multi-apartment building.

Milk Painted Dovetail Saw Till

woodworking saw till 3Saw Till to house several hand saws and specialty saws. This is made with many kinds of reclamed lumber. Flaws, nail holes, and weathering marks are still a. I get asked which saw a beginning woodworker or even someone wanting to use more hand tools should buy first. RWW 161 Sawing Mortises with a Keyhole Saw. Is your saw till plan for sale. Plane and Saw Till. July 11, 2015 by Bartee 1 Comment. The plane till was finished March of 2015. Since my first Rob Cosman class on dove tails and the first WIA in 2008 I have come to appreciate and understand the role of hand tools as a woodworking craftsman. I had a lot of handsaws in various places around the shop. Some were just in the way. I needed to make a saw till but just couldn’t decide on a design. It has been a busy week at work with so very little progress has been made in the shop though I did finally get the saw till hung on the wall. I cut a French Cleat our of 1/2 inch Baltic birch plywood and attached it to the wall and case back. Judging by the numbers of hits I got thru google search on my saw till construction, it would appear to be a popular subject. So I thought I shared with you some of what I learned and some of the final details as built.

Small Saw Till

Quick saw till, mostly just glued and pocket screwed. This is the first post of the build of the Saw Till that has been featured in the first semester of the Hand Tool School.