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You could change the table prefixes via Phpmyadmin (or another database management tool) and then amend your site’s wp-config.php file to suit. But do please backup your database and your current wp-config. Change the WordPress database prefix to improve the security of WordPress. Therefore unless the database table prefixes have been changed, there are for sure the following tables in a WordPress database:. If you have not installed WordPress yet, you can simply specify a different database table prefix from the WordPress installation wizard or pre-define it in the wp-config.

wordpress database table prefix security 2To make your wordpress site really secure, change the prefix to something that is difficult to guess. By renaming the WordPress database table prefixes you are increasing the security of your WordPress blog and website from zero day SQL injections attacks. WordPress databases are of the MySQL variety. So WordPress can call on the these tables correctly, a prefix gets added during installation in the default form of wp_’.

WordPress: How to Change the Database Table Prefix. Thursday, December 13th, 2012 No Comments. However, this should not be the only step you take to secure your WordPress site, please see our other WordPress security articles for more security options. On this page: This article will assist you in changing your table prefix in the wp-config. The table prefix may have been different on your old server for security reasons. The simple changes in this articles will help our system understand how to look at your imported database. The tutorial on how to change WordPress database table prefix analyzes the steps one by one and offers useful tips that are effective in securing websites.

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wordpress database table prefix security 3Recently we showed you some basic WordPress security settings to protect your WordPress site from some of the most common attacks. By default all WordPress database tables use wp_ as prefix for table names. Update your database table prefix for an easy, 5 minute security update for your WordPress site. This WordPress security guide we wrote in collaboration with Sucuri has it all! But WordPress can be a security nightmare. Hackers continuously exploit weaknesses, and if you install WP without taking security precautions there’s a good chance your site will eventually be hacked. In order to change your table prefix, you’ll need to go into your database. Most hosts will allow you to access your database using phpMyAdmin. It is highly recommended to change the database prefix as the default table prefix for WordPress is wp_. SQL Injection attacks are easier with the default table prefix because it is easier to guess. To avoid such embarrassing situation, you should change WordPress database table prefix thereby improving website security. Two methods are introduced in the following guide, one is using phpMyAdmin and another is using WordPress plugin.

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For some people the database table name prefix changing functionality of WP Security Scan doesn’t work. In that case you may use the following instructions to change it manually. Changing the WordPress database prefix for security. Then access your phpMyAdmin to manually change the prefix for all tables via an SQL query, as well as search-and-replace all instances of the DB prefix in the _options and _usermeta tables. Lean How to change WordPress database prefix for security. You have to open this file and edit the table prefix line from wp_ to wp_ghj _ this will help the WordPress CMS to detect the database with the new prefix.